simplifying the practice of health for:
  Simplify pharmacy use, Direct consumers to right medication choices
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  Guided HPI history of present illness, Faster and more accurate triage, Relevant stat labs and tx
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retail clinics
  Risk minimization, Faster and more accurate triage, Guided HPI history of present illness
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nurses and other health professionals
  Guided HPI history of present illness, Faster and more accurate triage, Personalized protocols
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physicians, residents
  Guided H&P, Dynamic DDX checklists, labs, tx, Long-term risks analysis
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nurse call center and telephone triage
  More accurate faster triage, Best location routing, Personalized protocols
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urgent care
  Guided HPI history of present illness, Faster and more accurate triage,Personalized protocols
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Clinical GPS, MEDgle's app for providers, is a collaborative clinical decision making tool that instantly calculates statistically relevant diagnoses, level of emergency care acuity, relevant procedures and tests that should be considered, as well as the impact of test results.

Clinical GPS covers 10,000 symptoms, 3000+ diagnoses, close to 7000 procedures and 6000 medications. At present, the expert system contains more than 70 million probabilistic relationships and over 20 GBs of cross-connected data. Because there is no need for patient-identifying information, Clinical GPS is HIPAA compliant in its basic form. MEDgle's Application Programmers Interfaces (APIs) also allow for easy integration into existing HIT and EHR systems.

Clinical GPS doesn't just offer more un-synthesized data, Clinical GPS provides case-specific, real-time, actionable output.

Stop the Waste Spiral before it starts
Triage and initial diagnosis present the most critical fork in the road with regard to waste, increased costs, and medical errors. If a patient is mis-triaged or sent down an inaccurate treatment path, a waterfall of unnecessary waste and risk follows. Fast, accurate triage is the first step to high-quality, cost-efficient care delivery.

Clinical GPS is designed to address a growing list of critical initiatives that hospitals face in a changing world:

  • 20% of readmissions are caused by misdiagnosis: increase diagnoses accuracy, reduce re-admissions

  • Customized reporting functionalities empower hospitals to validate justifiable readmission claims and avoid undeserved reimbursement penalties

  • Enhances training by providing Attending Physicians a quick and accurate way to check diagnoses made by front-line junior staff.

  • With ancillary health care professionals increasingly serving on the front lines, making critical decisions, Clinical GPS intelligently promotes best practices and guides care decisions across the entire health care team

  • Customized reporting functionalities for patients and their patient records increase trust and transparency, providing a basis for better doctor-patient communication and helping patients make better-informed choices about their care

Data alone does little to impact quality improvement in healthcare. Data-driven decisions drive quality.
Single User
physicians, residents
nurse call centers
urgent care
retail clinics
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Simplified Care
guided history, guided triage

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Supporting better documentation of patient history & nursing intake
Powering clinical decisions with evidence based protocols
Empowering better communication with patients and physicians
Assisting call center triage, urgent care triage, and ER triage
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the basics
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Like your GPS car navigation, Clinical GPS works in 2 steps.
1 medically triangulate the current health address   2 help find the best route to healthy
The current health address
A health address is made up of two parts: the current diagnosis (if any) and at-risk-for diagnoses given demographics and current lifestyle factors. An individual's current symptoms, their duration, age, gender, height, weight, previous conditions, family history, lifestyle, labs, and imaging are just a few of the parameters that used to zero-in-on the current health address. To triangulate these inputs into the current health location, Clinical GPS uses over 100 million data-points and complex mathematics. In addition, to refine the current health address, Clinical GPS identifies and prioritizes the best questions to ask and tests to administer.
Help find the best route to healthy
Given the current health address, Clinical GPS analyzes the alternative routes to help find the best set of directions (treatment, medication, and behavior changes) to destination "health". MEDgle provides the directions via 3 different reports: Triage & Care, Future Health, and Future Utilization.
Triage & Care Report (T&C) Synthesizing all the data available at triage , the Triage and Care report clearly depicts the current ESI score, Fit Score, the associated reasoning and possible next steps into a clear roadmap for patients, nurses, and physicians. The T&C report contains ESI score, all relevant triage data, acute ddx, chronic ddx, symptom relief options, top result definitions, differential based symptom review (dynamic review of systems), differential based physical exam, relevant diagnositc options, and relevant theraputic options.
Future Health Report (FHR) Based on variety of factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, previous conditions, family history and other, Clinical GPS' is able to forecast what specific chronic conditions an indivudal is at additional risk for. In addition, Clinical GPS determines the biggest-bang improvement areas, symptoms to watch out for, diagnositc tests to consider. This information is available via the Future Health Report. In addition this information can be done across an entire patient panel to provide an aggregate Future Health analysis that be used for patient segmentation for programs and more.
Future Utilization Report (FUR) Extending the the Future Health Report (FHR), Clincial GPS combines this with probability distribution based algorithms and per procedure cost estimations to calculate the projected future cost and utilization per individual at any given time. This analysis can be aggregated into the aggregate FUR which can be used to improve program planning and resource allocation.
tactical features
operational features
platform features
Powering Scalable Clinical Operations with Analytics
Clinical GPS, MEDgle's app for providers, solves the problem of clinical expertise availability and inappropriate allocation of resources. It provides key analytics that provide a basis for scalable integrated care.

It does so through provding a collaborative clinical decision making tool with key functionality such as instantly calculating evidence-based diagnoses differentials, level of emergency care acuity, relevant procedures and tests, and the necessary care personnel. Beyond providing real-time knowledge enhanced care coordination reports, Clinical GPS also enables physicians to off-load some of the clinical decision making to other health professionals. It is through the combination of both tactical and operational analytics that Clinical GPS enables scalable clinical operations and in-turn enables scalable health.

As a multi-channel application, Clinical GPS is designed for patients, nurses, physicians, and healthcare administrators. Though being usable in a number of different settings (call centers, retail clinics, hospitals, ...), its' functionality can be broken down into three main categories: tactical, operational, and platform.

The tactical features of Clinical GPS empower patients, nurses, physicians to make better health and wellness decisions in real-time. These include: symptom checker, quetsions to ask, differential diagnoses, triage level/ESI, relevant provider locations, labs, treatments, side effects, and more. In addition Clinical GPS provides real-time ESI, health risk, and resource utlization scores to help inform decisions. Beyond scores, Clinical GPS also provides reports detailing the reasoning behind the scores, the potential next steps, and their impact. (tactical feature details)
The operational features of Clinical GPS provide analytical support for long-term decisions, behaviors, resourcing, and resource planning. Clinical GPS thse in the form of dashboards, case history, case search, and reports (both indvidual and aggregate). Just as in tactical, Clinical GPS provies metrics (scores) and reports that articulate the potential roadmaps and their probable outcomes. (operational feature details)
In addition to tactical and operational features, Cliinical GPS provides numerous features that form the basis for a useable, integrable application. These features cross multiple categories impacting everything from business to technology. These include: collaboration, security, and integration. (platform feature details)

Get started with Clinical GPS
Clinical GPS plans are available for individual providers such as nurses, physicians, or enterprise such as Hospitals, Medical Call Centers, Pharmacy, Ambulatory Care clinics. No contracts, no commitment, and you can change your plan at any time.
  single user enterprise
  nurse, physician call center, retail, ur, er, pharmacy
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Our Commitment to You
We are here to help as you use Clinical GPS, in triaging and diagnosing your patient quickly and accurately. We listen closely to your requests - much of today's Clinical GPS functionality has been developed in response to your suggestions. If you're not delighted with Clinical GPS in every way, just send us an email within 30 days of signing up and we will refund your money, no questions asked.
Still Have Questions?
if you're not sure what plan is right for you, contact us, and we'll be happy to help. See the Terms of Service for full details on the service terms etc.
the cloud
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MEDgle provides robust webscale solutions for clinical assessment and evaluation support. Accessible via the web and mobile, MEDgle is a semantic web (Web3.0) service transforming over 100 million probabilistic medical concept relationships (symptoms, diagnoses, diagnostic tests, medications, therapeutic solutions, ages, genders, lifestyles, genetics) in eight languages, into actionable choices, through artificial intelligence algorithms.

Personalized analysis through cloud-based, mass customization enables the delivery of cost-effective, personalized medicine. The MEDgle API allows you to develop health applications leveraging the power of MEDgle. MEDgle's data is ICD9, ICD10, and CPT encoded. Snomed and CCD connectivity will be availabe Q2 2011. To use the API, you need to first sign up for an API key. Please contact us via tour contact form to get an API key. (contact)

Also, checkout the API documentation.

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